10 Death-Defying Stunts You Can Do on Vacation

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10 Death-Defying Stunts You Can Do on Vacation

Sick of the boring old resort routine? Here's a list of badass activities that'll provide the ultimate rush you're looking for.

Gravity-Assisted Mountain Biking; La Paz, Bolivia

If riding a narrow, uneven road that twists down a mountain at breakneck speeds on a mountain bike sounds like fun, then Bolivia’s Death Road is for you. Just be sure to avoid the cliff’s edge and traffic along the way. This legendary trek claims the life of more than one unlucky biker a year—and will have you braving the elements while trying to catch your breath at insanely high altitudes. 

YOU NEED A little extra cash. Bolivia charges a tourism fee, which isn’t included in biking packages, and comes to a little less than $4.

HOW TO DO IT Gravity Bolivia provides all the necessary equipment, including padding, bikes, and helmets. But a word of caution: know your limits. Overconfidence can be a killer here—literally. Downhill mountain biking experience helps, especially if you’re comfortable in all types of terrain. ($110; gravitybolivia.com)

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