10 Diseases You Don't Want to Bring Home From Vacation

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10 Diseases You Don't Want to Bring Home From Vacation

Secret health risks are lurking in everything from lake water to local surf, but don’t worry. This travel advice will keep you safe all summer long.

Risky Trips: Exploring the Amazon in Bolivia and other South American countries. This January, one unlucky couple made news when these creepy bugs crashed their vacation.

Vital Signs: Botflies attach their eggs to mosquitoes, which then pass the larvae to you via their bites. The little grub develops inside, and then flies out of your body—sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, right? Look for raised bumps that actually move on their own once in a while. Although you won’t turn into some fly-infested zombie, this unpleasant penetration can cause an infection and may require surgical removal. Know that you’re not destined to end up as a host to these unappealing insects when traveling to subtropical regions—botflies are not an epidemic, by any means—but do use good sense and at least pack a bottle of bug spray. (Try: Malin + Goetz herbal bug spray; $20.)

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