The 2014 Fittest and Fattest Cities in America: The Report Card

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The 2014 Fittest and Fattest Cities in America: The Report Card

How does your hometown stack up?

Portland might be the lean king of the nation, and Memphis might be the heftiest, but how did your city match up against the rest?

We gave the country's 50 most populous cities a physical, looking at key fitness factors, like access to healthy food and bike friendliness, and then assigned letter grades from A to F in each of these six categories:

1) Gym/health clubs: How many gyms or clubs there are per person.

2) Bike friendliness: How accessible roads and community spaces are for cyclists.

3) Walk friendliness: How easy it is for a pedestrian to get around.

4) Access to healthy food: What percent of people could get nutritious food readily and with ease. 

5) Healthy weight: Percentage of adults who are of healthy weight.

6) Wellbeing: The general quality of life for people living in that city.

Curious how your hometown stacked up? Click through for the grades—listed in alphabetical order for your convenience. 

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