6 Spring Break Horror Stories

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6 Spring Break Horror Stories

You think your last vacation was bad? Think again! Wait until you hear what happened to these guys on spring break. Read on and then learn from their mistakes.

“While I was on spring break in Hawaii, I took a friend out for his 21st birthday. I slammed three drinks in record time and that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up to nothing but the sky above me. Dazed and confused, I looked around and discovered that I was six stories high on the roof of a building, and about a mile or two from the bar we were at the night before. Halfway home I realized I only had one shoe on and was covered with those prickly things that stick to you after crawling though the bushes. The events of that night will forever be a mystery to me.”—Blaine, 23

The Lesson: Know your limits.


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