7 Ways Your Hotel Stay Just Got Healthier

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7 Ways Your Hotel Stay Just Got Healthier

From bike shares to running concierges to gear delivered directly to your door, it’s getting harder to find an excuse to skip a workout while you’re away.

Sleep is a huge part of health and fitness, and that's why The Benjamin hotel in NYC has a Rest and Renew program that's run by the hotel’s sleep team (they take snoozing very seriously). The team is on hand to offer visitors a menu of custom-made sleep-enhancing pillows, "bedtime bites," and a power nap package that will help you feel refreshed fast. The only thing they don’t do is tuck you in - and we're OK with that. The MGM Grand cares about your sleep as well; after a night of partying Vegas-style, their dawn-simulating alarm clocks will help you wake up – sans splitting headache (hopefully).   

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