8 Fitness Tips from Travel Experts

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8 Fitness Tips from Travel Experts

Stay healthy on the road and beat post-trip gym fatigue with these easy fitness tips from travel experts—especially if you want to avoid the hotel gym.

Make a Game Plan

A couple of simple preparations will ground your fitness mindset for your trip. Pack gym clothes at the top of your suitcase to keep exercise as your first thought, not an afterthought. “The moment I get into my room, l instantly remember that the fitness center is right down the hall when I open my suitcase,” says John Forrest Ales, senior director of Global Brand Public Relations for Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

To beat jet lag, push through exhaustion until bedtime and maintain normal meal times. Don’t reach for unhealthy late-night snacks—this will just throw your system off and pile on calories. Instead, take advantage of Request Upon Arrival hotel services to preorder healthy meals. “This way, I'm not tempted to indulge when browsing a menu after a long day of travel or meetings. I allow myself one special treat each day, such as a more plentiful breakfast or dessert at dinner, but never both,” says Ales.


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