8 Fitness Tips from Travel Experts

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8 Fitness Tips from Travel Experts

Stay healthy on the road and beat post-trip gym fatigue with these easy fitness tips from travel experts—especially if you want to avoid the hotel gym.

Walk a New Route Each Day

Walking beats a stuffy hotel gym and there’s no better way to take the pulse of a city, says Tom Waithe, regional director of operations for Kimpton Hotels of the Pacific Northwest. Build time into your schedule for morning walks—just a 30-minute brisk walk in the a.m. will wake up your muscles and energize you for the day. “I get up early or stay up late and walk, two, three, four miles in any direction,” he says. Ask the concierge for a free city map, suggestions for safe routes, and directions to noteworthy sites. If you have limited time, construct an itinerary on MapMyWalk.com before arrival and ask the concierge for input. Download MapMyWalk's free Smartphone app to monitor your calories burned, time your workout, and record your distance in real time.


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