8 Fitness Tips from Travel Experts

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8 Fitness Tips from Travel Experts

Stay healthy on the road and beat post-trip gym fatigue with these easy fitness tips from travel experts—especially if you want to avoid the hotel gym.

Move to Music

If you need to rally your energy, and cure your body of exhaustion without sleep, get dancing. Listening to fast-tempo music you like pushes you to workout harder. So to score the combined effects of music and fitness (and taste the local vibe) find a strip of nightclubs. “Hitting a nightclub is a great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time,” says John E. DiScala, founder of travel website JohnnyJet.com. “Plus, you really get a sense of the local flavor of your destination.” Ask your concierge for a list of local hot spots to work up a sweat.


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