America's Sexiest Beaches

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America's Sexiest Beaches

We combed the sands from coast to coast to seek out the beaches with hot lifeguards, killer waves, and sexy sunbathers—the trifecta of summer! Check out our list and start planning your fun in the sun.
Think of Main Beach as a much classier version of Baywatch. According to Stephen P. Leatherman, a professor at Florida International University, who is actually known as Dr. Beach (yes, seriously), you’ll find the best-looking lifeguards around. “These locals grew up on the beach,” says Nicole B. Brewer, executive editor and publisher of “Swimming is in their blood, so they’ve got an athletic build.” Befriending one will serve you well, since they’re not just pretty to look at but they're also in the know about all the hottest band shows and bonfire parties. Break the ice by asking about the best place for a lobster roll. If she shoots you down, no worries—there will be plenty of manicured Manhattanite beauties sitting beachside for you to take a shot at.

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