America's Sexiest Beaches

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America's Sexiest Beaches

We combed the sands from coast to coast to seek out the beaches with hot lifeguards, killer waves, and sexy sunbathers—the trifecta of summer! Check out our list and start planning your fun in the sun.
This playground for former Hawaiian royalty, who used surfing as a way to emphasize strength and authority, attracts visitors from around the world. Since it's such a popular draw be prepared to get close to your sunbathing neighbors—which definitely won't be the worst thing when you’re surrounded by “well tanned, well toned” ladies. Here’s a tip from the locals: A woman who wears a flower behind her left ear is taken. If the bloom is behind the right ear, you’re in luck. When you've found your island dream girl aloha your way to the Don Draper-approved Royal Hawaiian, the iconic pink resort known for its Mai Tai Bar.

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Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority


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