America's Sexiest Beaches

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America's Sexiest Beaches

We combed the sands from coast to coast to seek out the beaches with hot lifeguards, killer waves, and sexy sunbathers—the trifecta of summer! Check out our list and start planning your fun in the sun.
This secluded beach beneath the bluffs of Torrey Pines reserve is the largest (albeit, unofficial) nude beach in the US. The cliff-enveloped area welcomes nudists and surfers alike—these seem to be the two groups motivated enough to tackle the lengthy trail hike that gets you there. If you're game for baring it all head to the central part which embraces other like-minded nudists. If you're looking to hang ten put your pants back on and head to the southern part which beckons wave riders with powerful surf breaks. Then watch the hand-gliders soar above you, affirming the laissez-faire vibe of this San Diego hot spot.

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Photo Credit: Lisa Field


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