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America's Top Beaches

10 hot spots worth visiting this summer

Venice Beach, California

Located: Approximately 20 miles west of Los Angeles

If you've ever been to Venice Beach, you'll know it's not your typical family vacation destination. Instead of saltwater taffy and sandcastles, you're more likely to find roller-bladers, street performers, and Bohemian artists congregating on the boardwalk. After you've had your fill of the carnival atmosphere, walk a short distance down to the actual beach - you'll be pleasantly surprised by the soft sand and beautiful palm trees.

Fitness Factor: Want to get in a quick workout under the warm California sun? You're in luck. Venice is home to the legendary Muscle Beach Venice, made famous by such big name bodybuilders as Dave "The Blond Bomber" Draper, Larry "The Legend" Scott, and Arnold "The Austrian Oak" Schwarzenegger.


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