America's Top Cycling Cities

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America's Top Cycling Cities

Crisscrossed with miles of trails—from mountain single-track to coastline pavement—these 10 bike-friendly destination are renowned for getting locals and visitors on the right track

The Easy Rider: Austin, TX

If you’re a new mountain biker, Austin’s a great place to start. With over 110 parks that offer varied terrain, the city has prime trail options to improve your riding. Slaughter Creek is a beginner trail in the Austin area that covers five miles of ranch land. Be sure to visit during spring’s wildflower season for gorgeous views. Other than a few horses and fellow mountain bikers, you’ll have it all to yourself. Technical obstacles like rocks and roots won’t get bigger than intermediate level, and you can mix riding and walking according to your comfort level. Be sure to be out by dusk, though, because the trail’s automatic gate closes for the night.

Bikeable Miles: 325 miles of bike lanes and off-road trails.

Additional Recommended Route: Walnut Creek is another heavily traveled area with a tangle of trails in the 12-mile loop that go all over the park.


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