Best Travel Fitness Services

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Best Travel Fitness Services

Forget the hotel gym. These fitness services help you stay fit and soak in the scenery.

If you shy away from face-to-face action and you’d rather your concierge were the virtual kind, make your reservations at Opus Vancouver where every room comes with a fully loaded iPad, which is 3G-capable and can be taken out of the hotel’s premises (just don’t take it home less you want to be charged for one).

Each iPad comes with its own muse, which determines the local content you’ll find in yours. For fitness buffs, you’ll want Mike, who is into the great outdoors and fitness guru. Mike recommends you eat at Bluewater for healthy, sustainable fare and for you to check out The Grouse Grind, a nearly two-mile trail up the face of Grouse Mountain, commonly known as “Mother Natures’ Stairmaster”—your legs will never know what hit them.

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