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Dislodge!: Where to Ski Like a Local This Winter

Break away from the resort crowd and do it like the locals at these world-class ski destinations—Salt Lake City and Zermatt.

Everyone anticipates the first run of a long-awaited ski trip. You wake up giddy before sunrise, line up at the lift before it’s even turning, and, once on top of the mountain, drop into fresh stash, carving graceful arcs through untracked powder.

It’s all hard-charging fun at first, but after a few days in your standard destination resort—isolated from off-slope civilization and doing hot laps of the same, limited terrain—it starts to feel a bit stale, kind of like you’re skiing in circles. Ski. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

It’s time the annual ski trip got an overhaul. So skip the same tired resort with its cookie-cutter condos, lunchtime buffet lines (pizza and chili again?), and ghost-town atmosphere after dark, and pack your bags for a unique ski destination that gives you more to look forward to this winter—more terrain, more culture, more adventure, and, yes, more fun.

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