Fit Travel: 10 Best Coastal Hikes in the United States

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Fit Travel: 10 Best Coastal Hikes in the United States

America has thousands of miles of hikeable trails stretching up the east and west coasts, ringing the Great Lakes and lining the Alaskan shoreline. Here are the 10 best walking routes for hiking junkies looking to plan a vacation.

Kalalau Trail, Kauai, Hawaii

The Kalalau Trail is the really the only access point to Kauai, Hawaii’s rugged north shore. The full trail runs for 11 miles and takes a challenging full day to complete, one-way. For fit backpackers, it’s a rollercoaster-trail dream come true because it climbs along cliff edge, dips down through lush tropical forest, and bottoms out at sea level at both Hanakapi'ai and Kalalau Beaches. Most day hikers only hike the first two miles from the trailhead at Ke'e Beach to Hanakapiai Beach, but the views becoming increasingly better if you push on. You’ll trek through the trail’s five major valleys until you finish at Kalalau Beach. You can pitch a tent here and camp before heading back. If you want to hike a bit slower, you can break the 11 miles up by camping at the six-mile mark at Hanakoa Valley (the only other place to legally camp on the trail.)

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