Fit Travel: 10 Best Coastal Hikes in the United States

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Fit Travel: 10 Best Coastal Hikes in the United States

America has thousands of miles of hikeable trails stretching up the east and west coasts, ringing the Great Lakes and lining the Alaskan shoreline. Here are the 10 best walking routes for hiking junkies looking to plan a vacation.

Tillamook Head Traverse Hike, Oregon

If you’ve never done a traverse shuttle hike, here’s a moderate one to try—and when you feast your eyes on the 1,000 foot cliff faces, you might feel as cool as Lewis and Clark probably did when they stumbled upon it. Oregon’s Tillamook Head Traverse Trail runs only 3.6 miles one way, but prepare for a Pacific Northwest mud bath and an overgrown trail in some areas. You can drop one car at Indian Beach Trailhead in Oregon’s Ecola State Park and bring your second car to start the hike at Tillamook Head Trailhead just south of Seaside—a town 80 miles northwest of Portland. The hike climbs about 900 feet, levels off, and eventually descends into Indian Beach after you pass a set of rustic hikers cabins. At the end of the trail, you’ll be so caked in mud, you’ll be glad you don’t have to hike back.

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