Fit Travel: 10 Places to Get High Around the World

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Fit Travel: 10 Places to Get High Around the World

Itching for adventure? Here are the craziest, adrenaline-pumping high-altitude activities—from jetpacking over the Florida Keys to skydiving in Nepal.
Skydiving might be one of the most infamous ways to get high—and then get low again in record time. So how can you jump out from the diving crowds? Join the world’s most exclusive skydive over Mount Everest, at more than 29,000 feet. Hopefully you have a healthy savings account balance, because getting this high will run you a cool $15K; but if not, you’ll have time to start saving as the elite trips depart just twice per year. Worth it? We think so. This experience includes freefalling past many of the world’s highest mountain peaks and landing on the world’s highest Drop Zone.

HOW TO GET HIGH: Contact Incredible Adventures, and be sure to have your bank on speed dial to transfer that $15,000.


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