Fit Travel: 10 Places to Get High Around the World

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Fit Travel: 10 Places to Get High Around the World

Itching for adventure? Here are the craziest, adrenaline-pumping high-altitude activities—from jetpacking over the Florida Keys to skydiving in Nepal.
Jetpacks may seem futuresque, but you can try them right now—and you don’t have to go too far to do it. Florida is home to the world’s only Jetpack flight tour operator. Flights begin with a boat ride out to a custom flight deck, where you’ll be introduced to the ins and outs—and ups and downs (pun most certainly intended)—of the Jetlev R200. Don’t get too excited, though. The jetpack remains tethered to a boat and maxes out at 20 minutes of flight time. Still, this might just be the world’s newest, and certainly most futuristic, way to get high.

HOW TO GET HIGH: Contact Jet Pack Adventures, $250 for a two-hour experience.


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