Fit Travel: 10 Places to Get High Around the World

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Fit Travel: 10 Places to Get High Around the World

Itching for adventure? Here are the craziest, adrenaline-pumping high-altitude activities—from jetpacking over the Florida Keys to skydiving in Nepal.
This is by far the most controversial way to get high—at least on this list! BASE jumping, in which participants jump from fixed points and use parachutes to break their fall, is one of the riskiest sports on earth, with one out of every 60 jumps ending in fatality. Interlaken, Switzerland, is one of the most popular places on earth to BASE jump thanks to its high mountain peaks and scenic views. However, even at this BASE hotspot, no tour operator will assume responsibility for jumpers—this is a DIY get high activity.

HOW TO GET HIGH: Happy Tour Interlaken provides tours to “observe the jumpers” for $156 for up to four people. Discounts available for larger groups.


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