Fit Travel: 20 Epic Adventures to Tackle in Your 20s

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Fit Travel: 20 Epic Adventures to Tackle in Your 20s

Who said you have to be 65 and retired to see the world? The clock is ticking, so check some of these sweet trips off your bucket list before you’re 30.

For a fitness-oriented trip with an eco-positive spin, go to Cotopaxi National Park and the Condor Biosphere with Adventure Life, a Quito-based environmental voluntourism company. This 5-day group service project in Ecuador’s highlands combines activities like trail work, mountain biking, horseback riding, and tree planting. (Basically, you get to preserve nature and do cool extreme sports at the same time.) And if 5 days sounds too short, sign up for a 3-day service project extension, which will take you into rural schools or back out on the trails. ($930;


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