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Fit Travel: 20 Last-Minute Summer Escapes

Feeling like you got cheated out of summer vacation? Don't worry—there's still time to take off while the weather's still good. Check out these top four destinations for last-minute summer advenutures (plus—what to do when you get there).

Summer's not over—yet. You still have a chance to plan a serious DIY adventure before the weather cools, and use those 2014 vacation days before they expire.

Not sure where to go, or what kind of challenge to take on? We've got you covered. From now through October, go singletrack mountain biking along Continental Divide trails (the same ones that Lance Armstrong has thrashed), jump off a 12,000 feet mountain ridge as you paraglide into a box canyon, or make your way down the Colorado River on a paddleboard. 

You don't have to go halfway around the globe to pursue some serious adventure; many of these trips are closer than you think. The laid-back towns that normally champion your best winter vacations are also make ideal jumping off points for a warm weather adventure. Here are of our favorites.

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