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Fit Travel: 20 Last-Minute Summer Escapes

Feeling like you got cheated out of summer vacation? Don't worry—there's still time to take off while the weather's still good. Check out these top four destinations for last-minute summer advenutures (plus—what to do when you get there).



Mad River Boat Trips offer highly trained guides for everything from whitewater U-Paddle trips to serene rides. A classic 8-mile whitewater ride is $68, and just 10 bucks more gets you dinner afterward.

In Jackson Hole, Fitzgerald's Bicycles rents top-of-the-line mountain bikes for just $30/day. For some of the best trails you've ever cycled, head to Teton Mountain Bike Tours for either a guided tour or a quick-n-easy MB or road bike rental for just $30 for 24 hours.

Jackson Hole Free Flight Club recommends jumping right in with Jackson Hole Paragliding. Get instruction, get the best DIY route tips for $75 per session if you've got your own gear and get aerobatics and maneuvers training, or go tandem for $245 during peak season.

With more than 20 horseback outfitters in the area, it's time to saddle up! And a favorite activity after riding but before the cold beer is a scenic ride along the Snake River or an ATV ride for some backcountry adventure that's down and dirty! Dry RIdge Outfitters will take you out all day for $135 per person if you bring a friend.

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