Fit Travel: Top 10 Adventure Activities in Iceland

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Fit Travel: Top 10 Adventure Activities in Iceland

Dying for a vacation? Head to Iceland and do these awesome outdoor sports. You'll feel far, far, far away from your desk. We promise.
Need a break from the office? An adventure trip smack in the middle of nature’s raw beauty is the best way to feel millions of miles away from reality. And we’ve found an out-of-the-way place to hide yourself for a week. Iceland, a tiny island nation with a population of just 320,000, offers some of the world’s best hiking, biking, scuba diving, kayaking, and climbing. Plus, if you’re looking to get a little social, don’t forget to save some of your mojo for the weekend runters—a bar hop through Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. From exploring the magma chamber of a volcano to summiting a glacier, there’s no place like Iceland to work up a sweat in the most unexpected ways.

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