Fit Travel: Top 10 Adventure Activities in Iceland

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Fit Travel: Top 10 Adventure Activities in Iceland

Dying for a vacation? Head to Iceland and do these awesome outdoor sports. You'll feel far, far, far away from your desk. We promise.
After all that physical exertion, the truly adventurous unwind by tackling Reykjavik’s nightlife with a vengeance. And weekends in Iceland’s capital city are capped off with some of the most raucous action in all of Europe—a party scene so infamous it needed its own name. Runter refers to the bar and club hop that practically every resident of the country participates in. Party night staples include the affectionately nicknamed “Black Death,” also known as Brennivín Icelandic schnapps, and hot dogs on the street—the ultimate Icelandic drunken-indulgence. For more information on bars and clubs, see Grapevine Magazine’s Reykjavík Bar Guide.


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