Fit Travel: Top 10 Adventure Activities in Iceland

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Fit Travel: Top 10 Adventure Activities in Iceland

Dying for a vacation? Head to Iceland and do these awesome outdoor sports. You'll feel far, far, far away from your desk. We promise.
Scuba diving, or really any water-based activity, might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you fantasize about conquering Iceland. Yet Silfra is consistently listed among the world’s top dive sites. Why? First off, it's located on a rift between the tectonic plates which grows 2 cm. wider every year, meaning divers can float through a crack between the American and Eurasian continents. Second, the visibility (usually about 100 meters) in this freezing glacial water rivals that of the air above, making it virtually impossible not to appreciate the neon colors and other-worldly topography. While you’ll suffer the 2°C - 4°C temperatures even in a dry suit, there’s nothing like removing your regulator and taking a sip of the crystal clear liquid surrounding you. For those that have yet to take the plunge with a scuba certification, snorkeling trips are also available. ($240;


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