Fit Travel: Top 10 Adventure Trips For a Good Cause

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Fit Travel: Top 10 Adventure Trips For a Good Cause

Skip the typical resort getaway. With these volunteer vacations, you’ll travel to incredible far-flung places and do awesome things for a good cause.
Working for The Man day after day gets old. No doubt, you need a vacation every once in awhile. But with all that pent-up energy, is lying comatose on a beach really what you’re after? OK, maybe. But if you want a little more adventure, volunteer vacations combine sweet destinations with adrenaline activities—and a bit of giving back. You're not just seeing a place; you're experiencing it in a non-tourist way.

Ever thought about tracking wild carnivores through the woods of Madagascar, or studying great white sharks off the coast of South Africa? Well, start racking up your vacation days. These 10 adventure trips offer a great mix of downtime and blood-pumping action—one day you'll be planting coral reef off the coast of Borneo, and the next you’ll be diving with whale sharks. The best part? It’s all for a good cause.

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