Fit Travel: Top 10 Adventure Trips For a Good Cause

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Fit Travel: Top 10 Adventure Trips For a Good Cause

Skip the typical resort getaway. With these volunteer vacations, you’ll travel to incredible far-flung places and do awesome things for a good cause.
Tired of spending your workday playing trashcan basketball? Here's a chance to reinvent your career by training to become an extreme expedition guide. While TrekFORCE's multi-month course focuses on leadership training—meaning you'll be learning survival skills like river rescue, shelter building, and night-time navigation in the forest and jungles of Belize and neighboring Guatemala—there's also a volunteer element. (It may even involve tracking and recording lost Mayan artifacts, depending on when you go.) Added perks include the chance to learn Spanish and a brief sojourn to the Caribbean Cays. Sweet.

You Need: Time, though the 16-week course could completely change your life. ($5160 for two months;


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