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Fit Travel: Top 5 Places to Bike from Pro Cyclists

There’s nothing better than a cycling vacation to get your chops into gear this spring. We asked the pros for their favorite places to pedal. Now get on the road.

Pro Cyclist Says: “This is where I found cycling while attending undergrad at Middlebury College,” says Ted King, 30, the only American on a largely Italian team. “Even thinking about it pulls my heart string.” The New Hampshirean, who at six-foot-two is tall for his sport, adds: “It's got a challenging 11-mile climb called the Middlebury Gap, but the views make it so rewarding.”

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Your Ride is Here: Try this 70-mile loop up over Appalachian Gap and then continue to the Middleburry Gap (total ascent: 3,074.15 feet). Swing by the Bristol Bakery in Bristol (the halfway point), King suggests, for an energy-boosting muffin.

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