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Fit Travel: Top 5 Places to Bike from Pro Cyclists

There’s nothing better than a cycling vacation to get your chops into gear this spring. We asked the pros for their favorite places to pedal. Now get on the road.

Pro Cyclist Says: “When you find a road in California without much traffic, it's very, very nice,” says Peter Sagan, 22, who won five out of eight stages at last year's The Amgen Tour of California. “I really enjoy the climbing in the Santa Monica Mountains, especially when you can see the Pacific Ocean from the top.” Worth noting: The speedy Slovak has already racked up 36 victories (including the Green Jersey at the 2012 Tour de France) in his short, three-year pro career.

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Your Ride is Here: Sign up for the scenic 2013 Mulholland Challenge ($80, April 13).

With 12,750 feet of climbing, you can call yourself “King of the Mountain” at the end of the 112-mile course.

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