Pro Cyclist Says: “The Dolomites are very hard, but you don't need to be a pro to bike it,” says Moreno Moser, 23, who grew up in Trento, a city near the breathtaking northeastern mountain range that makes up part of the famous 21-stage Giro d’Italia. Considering Moreno's background (he comes from a long line of pro riders, including his father, uncles, brothers and a cousin), what he calls challenging must feel near-impossible to the average man.

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Your Ride is Here: Test your grit with Dolomite Mountains, a local Italian tour operator that will guide you over many of the same grueling passes featured in the Giro (cost per request, May 19-26). Then park your wheels to watch stage 19 of the tour alongside locals, who are a mix of Italian, German and Ladin.


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