Fit Travel: World’s Best Windsurfing Destinations

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Fit Travel: World’s Best Windsurfing Destinations

How many workouts can you do for five hours straight as whales breach the water alongside you? Welcome to the world of windsurfing, where challenging sessions in the sun lead to the perfectly sculpted beach body.
With crystal waters, white sands, teeming offshore reefs, steady winds, and direct flights from many major cities in the U.S., Bonaire is a convenient water lover’s paradise. Lac Bay has a seemingly gravitational pull on windsurfers, where there are easy-to-access spots for beginners to find their footing and where more advanced windsurfers can tackle the powerful swells. One session through the turquoise water and you’ll understand why Bonaire is home to so many of the world-famous pros who have carved the sport into what it is today.

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