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More Than Golf: 5 Fit Activities to Pursue at Pinehurst

Planning a trip to the U.S. Open? Don't limit your itinerary to the golf course.

Run alongside history

Like biking, Pinehurst running routes can be found everywhere. Reservoir Park, about 15 minutes away, has a wide array of scenic, two-to-three mile trails. Sticking close to the resort, the twisting roads along the historic village walking tour can also present a nice challenge. But one of the best runs might be the 6.2-mile trail that’s used during the town’s International Triathlon. It hugs the 200-acre Pinehurst Lake and passes through some of the resort’s eight classic golfing grounds. Although it’s short, it’s extremely hilly. And let’s be honest, you’re on vacation—how far do you really need to push it?

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