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Overnight Expert: How to Score Big in Vegas

Whether you're ringing in the New Year or headed soon for a bachelor party, go from rookie to Sin City high-roller overnight with these simple, yet crucial, secrets.

Know the rules

"While there is no way to fake playing $10,000 a hand in Baccarat when you only have a grand in your wallet, it is possible to blend in with the casino's highest playing clients," assures Diener. The first thing is to make sure you understand the rules and the best bets of the game before you ever sit down at the table. "Many of the highest rollers enjoy table games like craps which employ a lot of lingo, and if you don't understand the basic rules and etiquette for each game, you're going to immediately stand out," Diener warns. So getting a thorough grasp of the game will help you rise above the beginner masses. You also want to be sure to conceal your anger if you lose a couple of hands; if you Hulk out over a measly $500, then it's pretty clear you aren't ready to roll with the big boys yet.

Save up for tips

If you are going to splurge on anything, it should be tips. Diener notes that at the tables, a high roller on a hot streak will tip the dealer and waitresses frequently in order to keep the "gambling karma" going. And at the clubs, walking up to the bouncer with cash (and a few pretty ladies on your arm) will definitely help get you VIP treatment. 

Avoid the rip-offs

Don't assume your wallet is secure outside of the casinos—taxi drivers will often take roundabout routes in order to add more miles to the meter. Knowing the best route before you get into a cab is a good way of avoiding wasted money. 

Do some research to find the games with the lowest "house edge," aka the lowest likely loss over the long term. "Some common rip-off games include Keno, the Big Wheel, and many of the sucker bets on the craps table. Stick to Blackjack, simple craps bets, and video Poker for good odds," warns Diener. 

Lastly, don't fall for the people trying to sell you "club passes." The cost of club entry is usually cheaper than these passes so walk on by before you get burned.



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