The 10 Most Infamous Bars in America

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The 10 Most Infamous Bars in America

Belly up like a badass at one of these watering holes made famous by ghosts, gangs, pirates or prostitution rings. A new travel book shows you exactly where to stop.

When a full day of travel leaves you thirsty for a stiff drink, you could hit up a hotel bar and enjoy a watered-down Old Fashioned or one of three beers on tap. Or you could unwind at a watering hole where Al Capone, Jack Kerouac or Clark Gable once sat.

We don’t know about you, but we’d go with the latter. That’s why we’re psyched about a new travel book called Bucket List Bars, in which friends and history buffs Dr. Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree, explore the backstories of 40 of the most famous (and infamous) bars in America.

We recently sat down with the authors and got right to the good stuff—watering holes best known for hauntings, prostitution rings, smugglers' dens, and mafia activity. If you’re ready to belly up like a badass, make sure one of these 10 bars makes its way onto your summer bucket list.

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