The 10 Most Infamous Bars in America

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The 10 Most Infamous Bars in America

Belly up like a badass at one of these watering holes made famous by ghosts, gangs, pirates or prostitution rings. A new travel book shows you exactly where to stop.

Another pre-Prohibition hotspot for criminals, pirates, and men seeking the short-term company of a woman, Bridge Café is New York City’s oldest alcohol-serving establishment. It’s also rumored to be one of the most haunted watering holes in the city. Loud footsteps can reportedly be heard coming from the empty second floor, stereos turn themselves up and down, and computers are constantly crashing. Still, despite the spookiness, the former brothel and grog shop has been transformed into an upscale café, complete with white tablecloths, gourmet food, and an extensive offering of single malts, bourbons, and rye whiskies.

Check out this video for more on the Bridge Café’s haunted history.


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