The 10 Most Infamous Bars in America

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The 10 Most Infamous Bars in America

Belly up like a badass at one of these watering holes made famous by ghosts, gangs, pirates or prostitution rings. A new travel book shows you exactly where to stop.

The Pioneer Saloon is located 30 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, but a trip to the old-school saloon is definitely worth the drive. Tin walls are punctured with bullet holes reminiscent of a particularly rowdy night. What went down: a gambler was caught cheating and made a move to kill the dealer. The dealer drew a pistol in self-defense and shot the cheater twice in the head. The bullets passed through the gambler—and through the wall behind him, where they remain today.

The saloon is also where actor Clark Gable spent three straight days drinking and smoking cigars while he waited for his wife’s remains to be retrieved from the nearby mountains following a deadly plane crash (you can still see burn marks from his cigar on the bar).


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