The 7 Best Active Getaways for Sports Fans

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The 7 Best Active Getaways for Sports Fans

Don't watch every game from the same ol' barstool. From stadiums to interactive museums, we’ve rounded up the best places to get a closer look at the action—plus ways to stay active while you’re following your favorite sport.

Stoked for this summer’s World Cup? FIFA allots only 8% of tickets for our World Cup games to American fans, but you can register at for a chance at them. If a trip to Brazil among protests sounds extreme, take in one of the U.S. teams’ public training sessions in locations like Florida and Georgia. Or head to the Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum ( in Oneonta, NY, to see the world’s oldest soccer ball and show off your kicking, dribbling, and heading skills in the Kick Zone section. Get a list of the closest hotels to the Hall at

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