The 9 Most Adrenaline-Inducing Activities in Peru

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The 9 Most Adrenaline-Inducing Activities in Peru

If kayaking across the world’s highest navigable lake or climbing through rainforest canopy holds any appeal, this is the destination for you.

There’s a reason visiting the Lost City of the Incas sits firmly atop so many adventurer bucket lists. While all Inca roads lead to Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail gets you there in the most boast-worthy way possible—four days of hiking through hauntingly beautiful archaeological sites and past stunning panoramas toward an unmatched final destination. Access to this route is strictly controlled, with only 500 permits per day issued to authorized travel companies. Book today and start the StairMaster training...well, yesterday: The 27 miles of stone steps feature knee-crushing descents, brutal altitude, and heart-pounding mountain peaks. (A four-day trek starts at $600,

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