The Best Airport Gyms

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The Best Airport Gyms

These state-of-the-art airport gyms keep your travel and fitness regimen on schedule.
Prepare to be spoiled for choice at Zurich Airport. Just across the street from the main terminal is a Radisson Blu—which can be reached by a covered walkway—and its range of pools, steam baths and fitness equipment. On the basement level is the full-on workout paradise that is the Airport Fitness & Wellness Club, which offers an impressive arsenal of gym amenities including a 2,000-square-meter fitness area, group classes, personal trainers, Turkish baths and even a sleeping room with waterbeds. Passes start at 39 Swiss Francs (roughly $43) for two-hour access and a towel, and goes up to 99 CHF ($110) for a three-hour pass, clothes and a 30-minute rubdown. BONUS: Don’t miss the genius cockpit-shaped treatment room, where you can make appointments for massages and more.

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