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Three Tips to Save (and Spend) Smart in Fall

As summer turns into fall, here's how to take advantage of savings on vacations, travel, and that grill you've always wanted.
Three Tips to Save (and Spend) Smart in Fall

Renting a car for an end-of-summer trip? Don’t pay extra for insurance, as your personal auto-insurance policy almost certainly covers you. Also, most credit cards provide coverage as long as you use them to charge the full rental. 

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We know—midsummer, grill envy snuck up on you. But it’s a good thing you waited till now to get rid of your old Smokey Joe. Grill prices fall anywhere from 30 to 40% in late August and early September—so this is the time to upgrade.

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When the kids go back to school, the price of many resort destinations plummets. And a romantic getaway will include a lot more romance without a bunch of screaming kids running around. So book your tickets after Labor Day. 

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