Top 10 CrossFit Gyms in America

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Top 10 CrossFit Gyms in America

Picking the right CrossFit box can be tough. Jumpstart your search with our favorites from across the nation.
If you want to push your WODs to the next level, Windy City CrossFit offers an Athlete's Development program, which preps you for the CrossFit Games and other competitions. And along with CrossFit classes (80 each week), the box has a variety of courses you can attend, so you'll never get bored. These include Olympic Weightlifting classes and endurance classes, which allow you to supplement your daily WODs and build strength for long-distance races. The box constantly recognizes that it wouldn't be running without you, the hard-working, tough athlete, and shows their appreciation by profiling members on their Athlete of the Month online page — consider that motivation to make it the gym each and every day. (


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