Top 10 CrossFit Gyms in America

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Top 10 CrossFit Gyms in America

Picking the right CrossFit box can be tough. Jumpstart your search with our favorites from across the nation.
After Northwest CrossFit was opened in 2007 by owner and athlete Jake Platt, the box had to expand — so many athletes had joined that workouts were being held outside in the parking lot. Platt decided to build two more locations (with input on layout from engineers, architects, and athletes), so each gym is aesthetically pleasing and has all essential amenities like good lighting, open floor space, and tons of equipment. Plus, the Greenlake space has floor-to-ceiling garage windows that are often open when the weather is nice. And if you are looking to become a coach, we recommend working here—each trainer at Northwest CrossFit receive health and medical insurance, and ongoing education/retirement contributions. (


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