Top 10 Destinations To Scuba Dive

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Top 10 Destinations To Scuba Dive

Whether you're a scuba pro or looking for the perfect spot to take your first dive, check out this PADI vetted travel guide for where to go.

La Paz, Mexico

In western Mexico’s La Paz, you'll find clear water the temperature of a bath, tropical neon plants, and guppy-sized aquarium fish. But that's not what lures most divers to this underwater version of "Animal Planet." “You splash here to see the stuff reserved for National Geographic—whales, orcas, sea lions, huge mantas, schools of spotted eagle rays each the size of a Volkswagen, turtles as old as the hills, 15-foot long Humbolt squid, and very, very big sharks," says Drew Deckman, a divemaster, fisherman, and chef of the popular San Jose del Cabo restaurant, Deckman's. "When the hammerheads are schooling on the Gordo Banks, there's nothing like it in the world.”

Photo courtesy of Joe Liburdi


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