Top 10 Destinations To Scuba Dive

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Top 10 Destinations To Scuba Dive

Whether you're a scuba pro or looking for the perfect spot to take your first dive, check out this PADI vetted travel guide for where to go.

The Islands of Micronesia

Like Indonesia, Micronesia has been a hot dive destination for decades. Scattered over a large area of the Pacific, the islands of Micronesia satisfy a variety of dive personalities by offering different kinds of dive experiences. Wildlife junkies can dive with mantas in Yap and with sharks in Palau. If exploring underwater wrecks is what grabs you, this is your slice of underwater heaven; Micronesia is most famous for the historic World War II wrecks that can be found near many of its islands, such as Chuuk (Truk Lagoon), and the Marianas and Marshall Islands.

Photo courtesy of PADI


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