Top 10 Destinations To Scuba Dive

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Top 10 Destinations To Scuba Dive

Whether you're a scuba pro or looking for the perfect spot to take your first dive, check out this PADI vetted travel guide for where to go.


Indonesia is known for its pristine diving and incredible underwater experiences. Places like Wakatobi are favorites of long-time dive fans, but newer spots like Raja Ampat are growing in popularity. Boasting unspoiled reefs and prolific marine life, both Wakatobi and Raja Ampat offer an array of marine diversity. If you're visiting, be prepared for large animal encounters with mantas and whale sharks, as well as awesome macro critters. Spanning scenic uninhabited islands, jungle coastlines, and offshore reefs, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Photo courtesy of Al Hornsby and PADI


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