World's Best Locations for Stand Up Paddleboarding

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World's Best Locations for Stand Up Paddleboarding

You don't need a killer set of waves to ride a stand up paddleboard: In fact, the gentle breaks in these 10 sunny locations are ideal for SUPing newbies and experts alike. Grab a paddle, a board—and hit the water.
Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is fast becoming one of the most popular watersports, especially in locations with flat conditions and beautiful scenery.

To help you find an ideal spot for stand up paddleboarding, the members and editors of travel website assembled a list of the best SUP'ing destinations around the globe.

While it's not always easy to find a local beach town the supports the sport, SUP's skyrocketing popularity means that it may become more and more available at most resorts. While competitions often feature waves and breaks, we’d suggest calm, flat conditions for your first paddling attempt.

New to paddleboarding? Check out our First Timer's Guide to Stand Up Paddleboarding.


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