10 Health Foods That Don't Taste Terrible

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10 Health Foods That Don't Taste Terrible

Contrary to what you may believe, you don't always have to sacrifice flavor for nutrition. Here are 10 foods that prove eating right never tasted so good.

These tiny super berries pack a mean health punch. Native to Asia and Europe, Goji berries have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. Believe it or not, they are a good source of protein, in addition to containing high levels of antioxidants and trace minerals, like copper, iron, zinc, calcium, germanium, phosphorus, and selenium. Oh, and the list goes on—they also contain B vitamins and vitamin E. Dried goji berries are a bit tangy, a little sweet, and have the same texture as raisins. Eat them by the handful or mix them into a homemade trail mix for a tasty superfood snack.

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