10 Ways to Boost Your Energy

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10 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Firing on all four cylinders 24/7? Before you lose steam try one or all of these tips that will help fight off fatigue.

Okay, not really. Everyone needs time to chill out and decompress, but too much of a bad thing is just that. According to the Nielsen organization, “The average American spends more than 41 hours each week—nearly five-and-a-half hours daily—engaging with content across all screens. They spend most of that time (more than 34 hours) in front of a TV.” You do the math, and it becomes obvious very quickly how many other productive and healthy activities you could be doing instead of being parked out on the couch—for starters, exercising outdoors (see #2), having sex (see #6) or listening to energy-rousing music (#10).

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