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5-Minute Kitchen: Meet Melt Shop’s Spencer Rubin

Why should you learn how to cook? This New York City restaurant owner tells the 5-Minute Kitchen why culinary skills can have some surprising payoffs—and how to stock your kitchen with clutch ingredients.

When Spencer Rubin was little, he’d rather cook with his best friend’s Italian grandmother in the kitchen than play video games upstairs. (That's right: Mario could never compete with a mean chicken cutlet.)

So it’s no surprise that the Cornell grad is now on the restaurant-world fast track, having opened two successful New York City locations of his grilled cheese-centric joint, Melt Shop, by the ripe old age of 26.

In this episode of 5-Minute Kitchen, Rubin tells us why cooking skills are a dating essential, shares his go-to spice for grilling meats, and lets you in on the one book that can quickly turn you into a culinary master (or at least improve your skills). Watch the video above to find out more.

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