5 Physical Signs You’re At Risk for Health Problems

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5 Physical Signs You’re At Risk for Health Problems

You stare at your face every day so pay attention—here’s what the mirror could be trying to tell you about your body.

Raccoon eyes are often caused by thinning under-eye skin, which is mainly due to the collagen loss that naturally happens as we age. They’re also genetic, and can be more pronounced in people with olive or dark skin. Oh, and if you’re chronically short on sleep, expect to see them too.

Dark circles may be a sign of nasal congestion or undiagnosed allergies, which make your blood vessels more prominent, says Alastair Carruthers, MD, a clinical professor in the department of dermatology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Allergies can emerge at any stage of your life, so ask your doctor or an allergist to run tests. Treating the condition with antihistamines may help reduce their dark appearance.


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